Advisory Council

In an effort to promote, International Journal of Research in Wireless Systems, we are seeking young researchers, engineers, educationists and marketing experts interested in become members of our Advisory Council. We usually look for scholars who can help in promoting this journal through developing relations with education institutions, local governments, conducting conferences, etc.


  1. Soliciting papers for the journal and the conferences
  2. Suggesting topics for Special Issues.
  3. Aliasing with universities and research institutions
  4. Organizing online conferences


  1. Receive credit.
  2. Opportunity to give constructive suggestions to young researchers
  3. Develop a relationship with IJRWS in which you become a "go to" person for ideas and information


If you are interested, please send your resume to . If the profile suits us, we would appoint you.

Current Advisory Council Members:

 1.  Dr. Mohammad Waris Abdullah Qualcomm, UK
 2.  Dr. Reham Almesaeed University of Bahrain, Bahrain
 3.  Dr. Salman Saadat Military Technical College, Oman
 4.  Dr. Tao Shi Research in Motion, USA
 5.  Dr. Zhefu Shi Microsoft, USA.