In an effort to promote, International Journal of Research in Wireless Systems, we are seeking researchers interested in serving as our Reviewers.

Professional Requirements

To ensure the inclusion of novel and innovative research in IJRWS, the reviewers must meet the following requirements.

  1. Possess a doctoral degree in a field related to wireless communications and systems
  2. Possess a strong command of the English language, including verbal and written fluency
  3. Possess a strong motivation to be associated with a scholarly journal


  1. Peer reviewing within a stipulated time period: Time Commitment is an important issue.
  2. Soliciting papers for the journal and the conferences
  3. Not to distribute the manuscript or to disclose information within the manuscript
  4. Agree to be released as a reviewer after three refusals to review, three failures to review, or five late reviews.
  5. Agree to be rated as a reviewer


  1. Receive credit in the last issue of each volume.
  2. Opportunity to give constructive suggestions to young researchers
  3. Develop a relationship with IJRWS in which you become a "go to" person for ideas and information
  4. An invitation to contribute in the editorial issues.


If you are interested, please complete and submit the form given below and mention that you would like to serve as a Reviewer. Also, please send your Resume to for the same. If the profile suits us, we would appoint you.

Online Registration link  :-   Click Here to open the Registration Link