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Your Research, Our Efforts!

This is the ideology that drives IJRWS to provide the best possible care to researchers all over the world.

Very often, a research idea takes time to materialize. The duration between the determination of research question and the actual data collection could sometimes be a year. More so, if the work is novel and has never been attempted in totality! It therefore becomes very imperative to maintain the ownership of the research. It is for this purpose that IJRWS brings a platform for young researchers and students to publish their ideas as Electronic Letters & Essays!

This new platform is designed to be internationally renowned, peer-reviewed journal with rapid communication of decision every month. The scope covers all the latest developments in the field of electronics, communications, allied branches and interdisciplinary researches.

The main aim is to provide researchers with rapid publication process. The electronic letters/ essays would be published every month and would have the following salient features:

  1. All research topics related to electronics and communications and not just limited to the Scope of Journal:
  2. The published articles should essentially be not more than 3 pages.
  3. Important Dates
    1. Paper Submission Deadline: 15th of every month
    2. Acceptance/Rejection Deadline: 25th of Every Month
  4. The publication fee is 15 GBP.
  5. We are looking for research ideas, which are supported by literature. The presence of empirical proof, simulations and experimental data is not a necessity.
  6. The major focus is towards literature analysis, proposed experimental procedure and potential results.
  7. The reviewers would check the merit of the electronic letter on the following parameters: novelty, originality, justification, scientific merit, clarity of language and conclusion.
  8. The articles have to be emailed to
  9. The copyrights of the published letters/essays would remain with the author.


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International Journal of Research in Wireless Systems